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Nature and Culture are not seperate 

Titirangi Minecraft Club

24 - 28 August

Project Role:

Event Facilitator

Nature and culture throughout eras in creative disciplines have drifted apart; the rise of westernisation has separated the these two entities. Indigenous cultures remind us that nature and culture exist as unified elements.

Children from the Titirangi Minecraft club were invited to visit Te Uru and see Janet Lilo’s Status Update exhibition. After seeing her montage of 10,000 6”x4” photographs they were inspired to create their own environments in Minecraft. The Minecraft Club was given a challenge to re-create their own versions of the Titirangi village. Janet Lilo kindly allowed the Minecraft Club to exhibit their creations within the same exhibition that inspired them to create their own environments, which continues the programme of this room being offered to community groups for their own activities as part of her exhibition. This project was done in collaboration with the Titirangi Library where the Minecraft Club meet every Thursday afternoon.

Minecraft project.jpg

Nature and Culture are not separate 

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